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What is UniFaction?

UniFaction is an online community of friends, family, and complete strangers. The general pursuit of the community is to seek a unified, open, and connected world through practical and wise solutions. This site also functions as the hub for all of the UniFaction sites, connecting our websites together with common resources and projects.

How can I participate here?

There are several places you can start, but we suggest the Forums! If you're excited to share your experiences in life, talk with friendly people, or just enjoy building up some avatars and playing fun games, you'll fit right in. However, we have other projects that you can experience as well. You can talk on our forums, play with our dress-up avatars, visit our UniCreatures site to play with virtual pets, and more.

We have an excellent team of moderators that makes sure that the environment here is much more pleasant and enjoyable than other places, so you won't run into a lot of the bitterness you'll find elsewhere. This site is safe and well-maintained. We hope you enjoy it!